~Hey Sheradyn, How’s Life?!~ I Danced With a Stranger!~

Life is great, so sweet of you for asking!

I’ve actually had a pretty awesome week!

I’m notoriously known for being an incredibly peppy morning person, especially on Mondays. This last Monday morning I was much more peppy for reasons I’m actually not quite sure of.
So I woke up, did my normal routine, went to classes, studied like crazy during lunch for a midterm, and as it turns out, the class I was supposed to be having a midterm in got canceled! SCORE!

So then I’m making my way home and decide to take the longer route through Historic Folsom. So I’m sitting at a stoplight in the middle of Old Folsom listening to some tunes when all of a sudden the guy who was in the car behind me starts dancing by my passenger door! My windows are already down and I hear him, as he is still dancing, say, “hey, how are ya?!”
Naturally I start dancing with him and respond, “hey! Yeah, I’m fantastic!”
And then he ran and jumped back in his car.

This event seriously made my entire week.

Random stranger dude who danced next to my car, if you’re reading this, I love you and your crazy dance moves. :)

Anyway, I hope your week has been as great as mine!



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