Book Review: The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Anyone can betray anyone. . .

That absolutely stunning cover and this quote alone is what got me reading The Red Queen. Well, those and the fact that work was really, really slow.

What can I say about this book that hasn’t been said a hundred times before in a hundred different reviews?

The Red Queen is so over-hyped”

The Red Queen was the best book I’ve ever read!”

With a wide range of reviews, it’s hard to gauge this books actual likability!

Sure, this book has been overly-hyped, and of course that can put a damper on it meeting your standards but that doesn’t discount how great of a read it is!

What I admire most about this book is Aveyard’s ability to combine all these various elements into a single book. The politics of betrayal that is found in A Game of Thrones, the abilities that, as some say, can be found in X-Men and countless other stories. It’s not about the ideas being unoriginal (which truly original ideas are few and far between these days. . . Just look at all the remakes, sequels, and book adaptations being pumped out in Hollywood.) It’s about how well these concepts are brought together to create a world that you can get lost in.

The plot was quick paced and didn’t leave the characters mulling around for long. There was constantly something happening and it’s up to the reader to decide who to trust.

One qualm that I do have about this book is that the character development had a few holes. In order for betrayals to truly make an impact, we as readers need to be connected and/or devoted to the characters and I just didn’t have that full connection that I’ve had with other characters from other books. ~Cal seemed unrealistically attached to Mare, Mare seemed too attached to Maven.~

I’ve been in and out of reading for the past while as I really haven’t had time but The Red Queen was a great, light read that had twists and turns I, even with my 6th sense for calling plots, did not see coming until it happened.

I hope this review helps in some way, shape, or form in deciding to read this book (just read it, it’s really quite beautiful!)

Thanks for reading!





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