♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫

Hello again beautiful people that I can’t actually see!

Guess what!



I was seriously worried that Imagine Dragons would turn out like Maroon 5 where they make only mainstream pop garbage. Don’t get me wrong, Maroon 5 started out great and I still listen to them on a regular basis. They consistently created great music up until about 2 albums ago. TOO MUCH POP! DON’T CONFORM!

Anyway, Imagine Dragons did not disappoint. Though their sound may have changed a bit (maybe a tad more folky/alternative) it still has a strong beat and I love it :)

Without further ado (or any more fangirling) I bring you

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons!


~1 Week in 1 Post~

GEEZ Sheradyn! Is it really that hard to keep to a simple schedule?! You haven’t posted in over a week!

Well alternate Sheradyn who is pretending to be her own readers, as you may know I’ve been sick this past week. Quite disastrously so. Seriously I couldn’t possibly count how many pieces of tissue I used in this past hellish week.

On the plus side I was able to lounge on the couch and binge watch lots of shows on Netflix!

So to make it up to you my oh so loyal readers I shall write each post I missed starting with last Monday!

MONDAY ♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫

Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys (GREAT BAND!)

TUESDAY ~Movie Tuesday~

After my extensive relationship with the couch and Netflix this week I have new arsenal of mediocre movies but one film I watch was absolutely tremendous!

A Long Way Down.

This movie takes you on a journey of depression and suicide without making you feel depressed. It has the perfect blend of quirky, feel-good, sad, and heart-warming. I definitely recommend this movie! It’s on instant streaming on Netflix!

WEDNESDAY ~Hey Sheradyn, How’s Life?~

I was sick.

nuff said.

THURSDAY~Currently Reading~

I am/was currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

A little late on the bandwagon, eh?

Actually, it’s not really my choice to read it since it’s required reading for my English class (It never really interested me).

FRIDAY~Miscellaneous Friday~

Well, I enjoyed this quote quite thoroughly.

I’m gonna do my movie review in a separate post. Easier for me to organize. As it is, I have no clue how sort this post…

I hope this makes up for my lack of posting the past week. :)

Have a marvelous day!


♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫

Hello people of the interwebs! For some strange reason you’ve stumbled across my blog. Well, whether you’re here to stay or not I’m going to share with you today some music :)

The tunes that have been stuck in my head all week come from a band called Miniature Tigers. I know, odd band name, but their music is quite good!

The first song I’m presenting is called
Cannibal Queen

And the other song I bring to you is called
Like or Like Like

I hope you enjoy this art for the ears! I’ll see post again tomorrow :)


P.S. I’m not completely oblivious, I know I missed two days posting. Let me just say that midterms really suck major butt.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day!

♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫


Over the summer I found this great band from Boston called Magic Man. You may have heard their more well known song called Paris.

But I’d like to share with you another one of their songs, Texas.

I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Monday!


~Currently Reading/Stuck on Repeat~

I should just take this segment out considering that as of late I’m never reading anything.

So since I can’t share with you what books I’m reading, I’ll instead share with you another song that I have been enjoying :)

Saint Motel- PuzzlePieces

Hope you like it!

Have a great day!


♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you haven’t succumbed to a case of the Monday’s! (I know, so annoyingly cliché. That’s what makes it fun).

Today I bring you The Griswolds!

A band from Australia who I’ve been loving for the past couple months!

Here’s one of their most popular songs, Beware the Dog:

They also have a music video for the same song but it’s a bit odd:

You should definitely check out their other songs too, they’re fantastic!


~Miscellaneous Friday!~

All I have today for you is a fun fact!

I recently watched the film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin!


As I was watching this hilarious film I began to recognize the soundtrack. I knew obviously that I hadn’t seen the film before so I wondered where I had heard the melody.

After some extensive research(30 seconds on Google) I soon discovered that the melody for the song Smile by Nat King Cole was in fact written by Charlie Chaplin in 1936. Then in 1954 Nat King Cole bought the melody and added lyrics to it to create Smile.

Considering my love for 50s and 60s music as well as Charlie Chaplin, I was ecstatic when I found this and I’m happy to share it with you!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday!