♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫

Hello people of the interwebs! For some strange reason you’ve stumbled across my blog. Well, whether you’re here to stay or not I’m going to share with you today some music :)

The tunes that have been stuck in my head all week come from a band called Miniature Tigers. I know, odd band name, but their music is quite good!

The first song I’m presenting is called
Cannibal Queen

And the other song I bring to you is called
Like or Like Like

I hope you enjoy this art for the ears! I’ll see post again tomorrow :)


P.S. I’m not completely oblivious, I know I missed two days posting. Let me just say that midterms really suck major butt.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day!


~Currently Reading~



My book of choice is actually out of the norm for me. A non fiction biography of Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin. His Life and Art. by David Robinson.

I don’t usually read biographies. I’m more of a fiction gal but I’ve really been enjoying Chaplin’s biography. It’s so wonderful to be able to read quotes from him that I’ve never seen before and try and gauge his character outside the Tramp.

It’s also fantastic to look at old pictures of him in and out of character!

Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I did. Have a great day and I’ll post again tomorrow :)



Portrait of Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard






~Movie Tuesday~ DRACULA UNTOLD

~Before reading, in spirit of the movie imagine the rest of this post in a Russian accent. I don’t even think Dracula was Russian (Romanian or Transylvanian, yeah?) but it makes this post more fun so do it anyway!~

I’m VERY excited for this movie! It looks so dark and awesome and doesn’t include vampires that sparkle! (That joke will never get old).

Not this:


and this

This movie looks incredible and comes out this Friday, October 10th (US). I will definitely be going to see it :)

Hope you’re having a supertastic day and I’ll leave you with this picture of epicness:


♫~Stuck on Repeat~♫


Over the summer I found this great band from Boston called Magic Man. You may have heard their more well known song called Paris.

But I’d like to share with you another one of their songs, Texas.

I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Monday!


~Movie Review: Out of the Furnace~

Out of the Furnace directed by Scott Cooper


I absolutely did not enjoy this movie.

It was incredibly slow paced and the plot went almost nowhere.

I usually try to review movies based on their level of entertainment but Out of the Furnace was completely lacking in the entertainment department. I found it hard to stay focused on the movie rather than playing on my phone or taking a nap.

Christian Bale, you let me down.

I have no more words for this film. I don’t really want to waste another second thinking about Out of the Furnace and it’s slow pacing and horrible plot. It had SO much potential and Scott Cooper seemed to just throw it all down the drain.

I definitely don’t recommend this film. Not at all.

So there. Take that Scott Cooper.

I hope everyone has a nice day and stays away from the garbage that is Out of the Furnace.


~Currently Reading/Stuck on Repeat~

I should just take this segment out considering that as of late I’m never reading anything.

So since I can’t share with you what books I’m reading, I’ll instead share with you another song that I have been enjoying :)

Saint Motel- PuzzlePieces

Hope you like it!

Have a great day!